• Certifiable

    • Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (70-463)
    • Test center tougher than airport. They even made me empty my pockets and put subway tokens and Fitbit in locker. But got another brownie batch: Microsoft Certified Solution Associate

    • Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases (70-462)
    • 50 questions, some wild guesses. Or maybe educated guesses.

    • Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (70-461)
    • 42 questions, 62 minutes. No steps on Fitbit. Did not get a perfect score. Some of their answers must be wrong :)

    • SF2014Nov
    • Salesforce makes you look at and learn about improvements of their new releases. Salesforce Spring and Summer 2014 and Winter 2015 releases

    Running (not so) wild




    • cmcc2014
    • First 5K after spending winter 2013/14 inside other than going to and from the car and clearing the snow off the car. Rusty.

    • Untitled-2
    • 5K. You actually had to finish the run to get the goody bag. As always great volunteers

    • Upper-Canada-Mall-Easter-Seals-10k
    • Always a pleasure to run in Newmarket. Felt like 1st day of summer. I wonder how long the commute from here to downtown Toronto takes.

    • funky5ksm
    • Great surroundings, great weather, running path was a little narrow for an out and back type of race.

    • springfling
    • Back home by 9.10am. Various family members still asleep. 1st in age class. Feeling double smug.

    • rebeccarun
    • 3rd Race in Newmarket this year. Felt great…until a guy pushing a jogging stroller passed me. Guy was not even breaking a sweat. Sheesh.

    • angusglen
    • It was either up or down. Should probably do some hill practice. 1st time experience. 1st in age bracket. Pat on the back.

    • EricasWish
    • Nice route, sunburn, 401 great Sunday at 7am not so great at 11am.

    • dashdementia
    • 1st trail run. Scared shirtless that I’d trip on a root. Lot’s of trees. Trail running must be an acquired taste.

    • bist
    • Sponsored by Injury law firms. Not sure if I should feel good that I did not injure myself or bad. Ice Cream truck at finish line. Nice touch.

    • marathonmunich
    • 1st 10K of year. Munich 21C, Toronto 6C. Olympic area, oldie but goldie

    • torontowomens
    • Oct 25 Nice that they groupings for estimated finishing time. Munich had over 4,000 runners with people lining up regardless, so the first 2k were a little caotic

    • maddog
    • Oct 26 8k Trail race. Only there was no trail (a well marked course though) and I was hardly ever running. Running after crossing a stream feels funny.

    • angusglen5-10
    • Nov 1. 5k Angus Glen. Same as 5k last week only 15 degrees (Celsius) colder and all hills

    • angusglen5-10
    • Nov 2. 10k Angus Glen. 4th race in 9 days to end season. Perfect weather. For November. Well, actually I signed up for a Dec 31 Resolution run. Working on my resolutions.