Always be Learning or Testing your Knowledge

Always be Moving (Σ=26)

July 30 5k Toronto Beaches Jazz Run The really difficult part is finding a parking spot. Nice flat course and lots of shade (compared to other street races).

Rebecca RunJuly 8 5k Rebecca Run The 500 m before a 5k out and back turn around always feel more like 1k.

Canada DayJuly 1 5k Canada Day Brooklin, ON It was this or watching the giant Canada Day Rubber Duck in Lake Ontario.

Dash for DiabetesJune 18 5k Dash for Diabetes Getting completely soaked in downpour minutes before the start of the race. Not half bad when it is > 25C (75F)

Toronto Waterfront 10kJune 17 10k Toronto Waterfront 10k Sometimes I think I an running this race, because I admire and appreciate the way it is organized.

Toronto ChallengeJune 11 5k Toronto Challenge It was a timed race, but sometimes the Police let cars pass. Hmm.

Toronto WomensMay 28 5k Toronto Women’s 1/2 Marathon and 5k I am sure they have the same dog and women every race at about 1k to cheer everybody on. Nice.

ShoppersMay 27 5k Shoppers Run for Women, Oakville Super swag, daughter is happy.

IsraelMay 22 8k Run with Israel Yep, Jewish event. Lots of speeches, started a little late and some protests.

GoodlifeMay 7 5k GoodLife Marathon Downtown Toronto can be a pleasant drive. At 6am on a Sunday when drivers are staying away because of road closures.

2 Races

May 6 5ks: Strides for Stroke 8:00 and “Hazel” 5km 18:00 (Mississauga Marathon). Day of showers, drizzle and wind, but no getting soaked.

ShoppersApril 30 5k Shoppers Unionville Markham Pan Am Center. First time I have been to a Pan Am venue. Nice washrooms.

CMCCApril 23 5k CMCC 5k If you throw out your back during the race, they will fix you after. 4th year.

Easter 5kApril 16 5k Beaches Easter 5k Nice and flat. One of the many venues along Lake Ontario.

DiamondApril 15 5k Run for the Diamond 1/2 trail, 1/2 golf card paths. More uphill the first 3km. Mostly downhill after.

GoodFridayApril 14 5k Good Friday Race Burlington Pretty perfect weather for a run. Perfect drive too. Didn’t even bother with 401/3 or QEW.

MEC Race 2April 9 5k MEC Race 2 2nd day in a row with no rain. Just amazing.

CN TowerApril 8 WWF CN Tower Climb Well organized. Note to self. Avoid coat/bag check next year. At least I didn’t try to take my cell up this year.

Round the BayMarch 26 5k Round the Bay Not exactly round the Bay. 5k rather popular. And no rain!

DynamicMarch 25 3k Dynamic Wellness OK, prefer -13C dry to +2C rain.

JEMMarch 17 10k Jerusalem Marathon 10k 9:30 Yes, mostly uphill and downhill. Seemed twice as much uphill.

JEMMarch 17 5k Jerusalem Marathon 5k 7:30 5 days after last Sundays’ race and 30C degrees warmer.

St.PatrickMarch 12 5k St.Patrick’s Day 5k 2017 Gosh yes, another Fun Run. Especially in -13C.

ZooFebruary 25 5k Move your Paws Go-to February Fun Run (also the only one I could find within 30 min driving distance)

ResolutionJanuary 1 5k Resolution Run 5k Resolution 52 races for 2017. Weather was nice. For January.