Always be Testing

Always be moving ( Σ 39 races)

DonRowing December 13. 5k. These guys put a lot of effort into organizing it. Hope they have a race next year too.

Tannenbaum December 6. 10k. Almost as flat as airport racess, with about 1/10th width of ‘run way’. Appreciate the nice bib.

Santa December 5. 5k. Great turnout for a great cause. Lots of Santas. 5C, no ice, no snow. With weather like this, running in December not so bad.

Downsview November 15. 5k. Some runners still in shorts and T-shirt. I feel hypothermic just looking at them.

Angus Glen November 7,8. 5 & 10k. Angus Glen November Races. All events sold out. Guess they are doing something right.

Monster October 25 6:30 pm. 5k. Some amazing costumes. Feels strange when some of these ‘clowns’ are passing you. Almost lost to guy deceptively dressed in Fat Suit.

MEC MEC Fall Classic October 25 9am. 5k. If you are looking for an affordable, timed and well organized race with no swag. MEC it is.

Womens October 24. 5k. Sort of like the Aug 29. Only darker and colder. But again. superbly organized.

ScotiaBankOct 18 5k. 1k to start, 5k race, 4k back to car. I definitely know Newmarket better than downtown Toronto.

MunichOct 11 10k. Beer and Pretzels after, instead of Bananas. And yes, they started on time.

BistOct 3 5k. Sunnybrook Park. Finally don’t need my Garmin any more to know where to turn around.

Wonderland Sep 27 5k. Running Canada’s Wonderland. Not quite like riding a rollercoaster, but works for me. Parking no problem.

Pearson Sep 26 5k. Flatest race ever. Widest venue too: a runway Nice.

Yorkville Sep 13 5k. Flat and fast. Picked up kit on Friday. Friday was F!rosh on Bloor. Gazillion UofT colleges. Glad I was walking, not driving. Saved me from an aneurysm.

Toronto5K Sep 12. 5k. New experience. Running in the rain. Note: triple knot laces.

Nightrace Sep 5 8pm. 5k. New experience. Running against hundreds of real head lights

Womens August 29. 5k. About 5 secs for bib pickup. New record. Swag before the race, goody back after the race. Getting there 60 min before race, just got me a good parking spot.

Trail August 23. Dash to Defeat Dementia 5k trail. The only thing that can go wrong in this race is you falling over a root. Very well organized.

Nicoles August 19. 7pm Nicoles Run The really tough part was getting to the race site during rush hour.

Whitby August 16. Canadian eh? 5K. No logo, so I took a pic of one of their signs of encouragement. For REAL Canadians they also added a skate.


Whitby August 9. 5K. Today I learned there are a Brock Road and a Brock Street. Like how is a Torontonian supposed to know? Did they run out of names?
5Peaks July 25. Albion Hills 6+k trail run. The best runners must be part mountain goat.
AngusGlen July 24. 5k….that when you take the wrong turn ends up more like 5.9k. And that was 1 more race than last year’s total

MEC July 19. 7k MEC Summer Classic Trail run. My activity tracker recorded that I went up the equivalent of 45 flights of stairs.
RebeccaRun July 4. My way of celebrating July 4th. Hello US friends, especially from Nevada, MO.


BooklinCanadaDay July 1 . Brooklin Coffee Run Club Canada Day Run/Walk. 1st sidewalk race. 3rd time this year where it looked like it was going to rain, but didn’t

DashDiabetes June 21. Lots of Parking, real washrooms, nice trail, easy to get to and bib that does not say Running Room.


Run for Lions June 20. Beautiful waterfront race. Drive home served as reminder to avoid 401 like the plague.


SpringFling June 14. 5K. Excel Series. Michael Brennan and his crew know how to organize a race.


Thyroid Walk/Run June 13. 5K Run. Started with 1.2 k downhill. Started to suffer just at the thought of what goes down…..


Unionville 5k June 7. Love the instant chip timing results. A little bit of road and a little bit of trail.

Holland Marsh June 6. When there is a race in Newmarket, I am usually there.


Walk of Life May 30. This event is a walking event more than a running event.
May 24. A little bit crowded. Good to see that so many people go for the run, jog or walk.

springinto2015 May 2. First 5k race that was a 3k out-and-back and a 500m hill. Felt like 5000m. Things I do for a t-shirt and a banana.

RFW Apr 26, 5k: Nice race through the park. Though somehow it seemed more uphill than downhill.

RFW Apr 25, 5k: Had to scrape ice off car in the morning. Turned out to be sunny and warmer. Unionville is a nice place to race.


March. 1st 5k of year for me. 1st ever for daughter. Marathon, 1/2, 10k, timed 5k untimed 5k, family run. They had everything. Not just a running event.